What is the development process?

The development process takes place in stages.

Through clear communication you can rely on us to follow a proven methodology to take your idea from concept to concrete:

001 Analyze & Research

At the first stage, we get acquainted with your requirements, business, analyze your existing solutions and the decisions of your competitors. We outline the structure of the project, discuss possible design and programming options.

Result: a fairly complete understanding of what needs to be done and what resources need to be activated to achieve our goals.

002 Prototyping & Design

In the second stage, we create a prototype with low detail and transitions between pages or screens to understand the structure of the project. Then we draw the user interface, icons, illustrations, we develop a logo if necessary. Sometimes customers ask us to immediately visualize the design, and we agree with this by skipping the prototype stage.

Result: finished user interface design as well as visual design.

003 Development

In the third stage, we program the design approved by the client. We develop the client and server parts, or only the client part, if the server part is not required. Sometimes at this stage we develop additional design elements that we may not have considered or the need for which appeared later.

Result: first programmed version of the product.

004 Testing and Launch

At the fourth stage, we manually test your product, look for errors. If necessary, we can write auto tests for all the code that we wrote. The final result is transmitted to you in the form of files and archives and is hosted. At this stage, we can fill the product with your content, if necessary.

Result: the release of the full version of the product.

005 Project support (Design and Development)

After the release of the product, we are ready to help you with the development and support of the design and code, if your project requires it.

Our team appreciates client involvement.  Your input is valuable at every step of the process.