How do we begin?

It’s simple, send us a message/email. In the message, write a brief description of your project in any convenient form and try to answer 9 questions:

  • 1. What does the product do?
  • 2. What platform is it for?
  • 3. Who is our target audience?
  • 4. What tasks / problems need to be solved, which KPI (key performance indicator) should be improved?
  • 5. Please provide two creative ideas for us to reference. This is so we have an idea about your creative tastes.
  • 6. What is your budget?  If you don’t know we can help by using industry standards. 
  • 7. What is your timeframe, start to finish?
  • 8. What company or institution do you represent?
  • 9. How did you hear about Digital Noise Studio?

Send materials related to your application – it can be a link, a prototype, screenshots, a demo version, an existing application or any combination.

If possible, indicate the priority parts of the interface that you would like to design first. This information will affect our performance assessment.

Send a letter to hello@digitalnoise.studio

We will try to answer your request as quickly as possible and name the terms and price.

See you!