What is your preferred fee structure?

We are working on the Time and Material model. By this we mean payment is made for the hours actually worked.

The cost of an hour of work for the studio is 40-80 dollars per hour. The cost of an hour depends on the type and complexity of the work.

We charge 50% in advance for our services. Prepayment is made for each large stage of work.

Why Time and Material?

1. There are many small tasks on any project and we do not want to conduct price negotiations for each task.

2. Changes are difficult to predict and cost before the changes actually occur.  Payment by the hour insures your changes are given our full resources rather than a best-guess at the beginning of your project.

3. The quality of work is often higher.

4. The risk of error in estimating the cost of the project is minimized, since the project is evaluated, developed and paid for in parts.

We can work on an all-inclusive payment model. Design and development will cost more, but we guarantee that we will carry out all the work within the agreed budget, no matter what difficulties we face on our way. We take risks.

We respect the trade secrets of our customers and will happily agree to an NDA development project. However, because an NDA project has no future marketing value we do NDA projects with a price premium of 20%.

If you don’t know how to start working with us, read this note.